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Welcome to Our (Digital) Home!

Hello and welcome to our home! Well… I mean, obviously it’s not our home…unless you have a ticket to London Heathrow and 8 hours of flying time to spare. BUT it’s the (digital) home of all things Mitchell!

We are a newlywed family of two (soon to be three) living in England courtesy of the military.

(Soon-to-be) Mom is a social media coordinator and flight attendant (on maternity leave).

(Soon-to-be) Dad is a pilot and all-around superstar.

Originally from a small military town in Texas, I thought this blog would be a fantastic way to keep in touch with our family and friends from across the pond.

We hope to share all things life, parenthood, marriage, home, and travel with you here. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the blog for weekly blog posts and journal entries. Thanks for stopping by!

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